A place of ease, comfort, and convenience is what most people are raving about, especially for those who have been working, for retired citizens who wants to enjoy a luxurious vacation or simply you want to have a once in a lifetime venture to Asia. Indeed, there are many countries in Asia that you can choose to mingle and experience the culture, tradition, people, food and their daily living, however going to Vietnam is rarely chosen by most people. If you happened to be reading this and one of the bucket listed countries that you ought to visit is Vietnam, then this will be a great guide for you know more about the great places.

There are three regions; the north, center, and south. All of these three are distinct and are unique in its way. It is easily accessible, affordable and quick to grab for flights. The key highlights of the country include sea cruise at the Halong Bay where there are hundreds of islands that you will see with a colored green or emerald water that is miles apart. You can also visit the center of the country where the great city of Hoi An has the most distinguished architectural designs, shopping centers, and food that are highly incomparable. Having to spend this place in a week or two is one unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, if you have more days to spend, of course, you can get around more such as going to a Sapa where there are tribe communities and the endless rice terraces or paddy that you will see as one of the scenic views throughout the history. Travelers would love to experience the beach as this has one of the most beautiful sea waves that you will ever see. The crystal clear waters and stunning sandy sea shore will give you a peace of mind. Keep in mind that beach time is what most people would always rave for when it comes to visiting Vietnam. Either of the places, you can never go wrong choosing any of the outdoor leisure.

Budget for leisure

If you are aiming for a dream vacation, it is expected for you save money for all the expenses that you will be doing in the next couple of month. Be sure to prepare an amount that is more than your savings. It is better to have more rather than getting short during the day’s trip and vacation.

Importance of an itinerary

This is how you’re going to spend your days if you have plotted your activities. Know exactly the places that you would like to experience. Therefore, with so many in the list choose those areas that you want to visit in terms of beaches, cities, or experience the people and culture. Do not forget the food. Vietnam is also known for their uniqueness when it comes to food. Ho Chi Minh City is where you should start visiting as this have the greatest places that you will enjoy. Delicacy is a sure thing that you do not want to miss out. Prioritize your itinerary, and

surely you will be able to enjoy it as well.

A place to stay in Vietnam

In every great city and places around Vietnam, you would want to have a resting place. This means that you need to book for an either a hotel, or a vacation house that you wish to stay. It is important that you can communicate with the people for checking in and booking because there will be a lot more people that might have the same thought as you have. However, for beaches, if you are to spend your entire week, do not forget to reserve yourself a room.